Next Time, Make My Vote Count!

The 2019 UK general election was a travesty of democracy Under Britain’s winner-takes-all voting system.

Labour was returned with a 66-seat majority despite the fact that for every person who voted Labour, almost two voted for other parties and two didn’t vote. This is the flimsiest base of support ever for a majority government.

It took 26,877 votes to elect a Labour MP compared with 44,521 to elect a Conservative and a staggering 96,378 to elect a Lib Dem. In England, Labour polled 50,000 fewer votes than the Conservatives, yet came away with 92 more seats.

Voting reform would deliver a more pluralist, inclusive politics and ensure that government had a proper democratic mandate from the people. It is time for a change The first-past-the-post voting system was designed for two-party politics: it is now out of date. First-past-the-post voting demands a tactical approach; it encourages parties to either ignore you completely or fob you off with utterly empty promises and it exacerbates the problem of low turnout.

All the way back in 1997, Tony Blair promised us a referendum on a change to the voting system in his 1997 manifesto, but failed to deliver. Since then, many PM’s have come and gone, and seem to ignore this crucial peice of legislation.

Our answer…

  • In 2024, we finally make this the last general election decided solely by a select few voters in marginal constituencies.
  • Make this the last general election that fails to represent the true will of the people.
  • Make this the last government with unaccountably, unfair and disproportionate power.
  • Make Votes Count campaigns for voter choice and a more representative parliament.

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