About MMVC

If you are so bored that you find yourself wanting to learn more about the Make My Vote Count Project authors then you can do so here. Before we introduce the writers, please be aware that any opinion that is expressed on this website are the unique, individual opinions of the authors, and should not be taken as the overall policy of the campaign, unless otherwise stated.

Phew. Now with that all out of the way, let’s introduce the authors…

Tim Crescenti

Chief contributor Tim Crescenti recently graduated from one of the world’s most prestigious universities with a degree in watching Sky Sports and playing PS4. Therefore, he is fully equipped to comment on just about anything. Tim’s bizarre tastes for common sense and decency lead him to see very little good in government of any form, and by any particular political party. Such an outlook in life is extremely dangerous, especially with regards to the outlook holder’s mental well-being. As such, Tim takes close care to not give a crap about any of it that much, preferring derision over rage.


Stephanie Bloch Chambers

Stephanie is the Make Votes Count Co-ordinator and loyal Labour comrade. Like most people of that ilk, she spends her time being angry at Margaret Thatcher and wondering why we all just can’t get along. She caught the ‘politics bug’ following complications during University, and has never come anywhere close to recovering from the disease. More disturbingly so, she doesn’t appear to mind.

Alex Katz

Alex is a more a professional than he is an actual human being, and knows more than anyone else on the planet about British elections, past and present. He only speaks in facts and statistics, so if you were to disagree with him, you would infact be wrong. His specialist subjects include boring you to death with mundane topics such as the workings of the electoral commission and the exact catchment area of constituency boundaries. When he’s not waffling on about politics online, he is saving damsels in distress as a professional Locksmith.